Once you login to your TimeTackle account, you are just a few steps away from adding and sharing your data with your team. Here's the work flow:

👭 Add new Team Members

Step 1: Head over to the "Members" section of your TimeTackle account

Step 2: Select the "+Add new Member" button in the top right corner

Step 3: Fill up the form with information of new members name, email, set up their role and add the user.

P.S. Before inviting the team member, make sure they haven’t yet signed up with TimeTackle. If they have already signed up, please contact at support@timetackle.com.

✔ Activating the invitation link

After you added a new team member, he/she will receive an invitation email to join your TimeTackle account. Ask them to sign up using the same invitation link from TimeTackle.

P.S. Please ask them to look out in the spam or promotion sections if the email doesn’t appear on the general mailbox.

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