Google Calendar Sharing is a Google Calendar feature that allows you to share your calendar with one or more people to connect, collaborate, and efficiently manage your time. This function is beneficial to any size group or organization.

Share your calendar

You may create a new calendar or share an existing one with anybody using Google Calendar, and you can control who has access to it. Furthermore, if you have a multitude of calendars to manage, you may identify them by assigning colours to them.

  1. Using your computer, Go to and login with your email address.

Tip: The Google calendar application doesn’t allow you to share calendars.

  1. In the left side panel of your google calendar, find the “My Calendar” section. Click on the “_” down arrow.

  2. Hover over the calendar that you want to share, select the 3 dot icon “_” next to the calendar. Now, select the “Settings and sharing” option.

  3. Find the “Share with Specific people” section and select “+Add people” button.

  4. Enter the email of the person with whom you want to share your calendar and set the permissions from the drop down options.

Gain permissions to access the calendar

If the person's calendar has previously been shared with you, you may view it in the "My Calendar" area of your calendar after you issue the calendar sharing invitation. If this is not the case, the individual will receive an email invitation with a link to add your calendar to his list of events.

Tip: If the other individual does not click the invitation link, the invitation will not appear on the list.

Learn more about sharing your calendar.

Managing Calendar Permissions

You can select anyone from 4 levels of access to a particular calendar.

  • See only free/busy

The person will be able to see when you are busy and free. But he won't be able to see the event details.

  • See all event details.

The user with this access can only view the details of your events, but he can't see the events marked as private. He can also manage the timezone setting of your calendar.

  • Make changes to events.

People with this access can view, change all your events, also the private ones. Additionally, they can permanently delete/ restore your events from the trash.

  • Make changes and have access to sharing the calendar

People with this access can have ownership rights to your calendar. They can make changes to your events, calendar settings and also manage your calendar sharing with others.

Manage permissions from your existing calendars

You can also manage the access from your current calendar lists. Here's the process to it.

  1. In the left side panel, you can find the "My calendar" section from your calendar.

  2. Select the calendar that you want to manage the permissions of

  3. Beside the same calendar name, select on the settings icon and move on the "Settings and sharing" option again

  4. In the "Share with Specific People" section, you can find all the calendars in your list.

  5. Now, you can select the level of access you'd want to provide to each of your calendars.

Important Note: If your organization controls your email, your administrator might have turned off specific permissions of your calendar

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