Looking for clarification on how to create your own projects on TimeTrap? We are here to help you!

Start by creating your organisation (without these first details you will not be able to create projects) by clicking on the user menu with your photo in the bottom left corner and then on "Organisation".

A form will now open where you just have to specify the name of your organisation.

You can now start adding members, customers, projects and much more!

Create a project

To create a new project go to the "Projects" section at the top of the page and click on "Add project". This will open a section like the one in the picture below where you can enter all the data specific to that individual project! Not bad, right? :)

Here is an explanation of each fields:

  • Reference quote: this is a free text field, sometimes it may be appropriate to keep track of a quote, offer, contract to which a project refers

  • "Non-billable" flag: to mark internal projects that will not be invoiced to a client

  • Budget: in the case of a billable project, what is the budget of the project?

  • Target margin: how much do I aim to earn with this project? (in percentage)

  • Category: choose the category or "folder" in which the project will be displayed. This will help you to organise your team internally.

  • Project Manager: team member who will be responsible for the project

  • Team: free text field

Now click on "Confirm" and your project will appear in the list. You will find it in the projects section whenever you want and you can change it at any time!

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