Have you just entered the magical world of TimeTrap and are not sure how to start planning your time?

No problem, we'll explain it to you here!

First of all, it is important to understand where within TimeTrap you can go to plan your time.

The "Planning" section in the side bar of the tool is where your weekly calendar is displayed, including the chosen days of the week and your preferred time slots (you can change the settings with the wheel at the bottom right).

Now all you have to do is plan!

Click on the day and time on which you would like to enter a task or a schedule, move the slider down and cover the time slot you would like to 'block' for that particular task.

Once you have created the first 'block' by choosing the 'Scheduling' option at the top, you will have decided to stop that period of time to work on a specific project, or on a type of activity that can be grouped together for you at one time of the day.

(Why do this? You can read more about how the time-blocking philosophy can make your day more efficient in this article)

You will also have chosen the specific project and task category to which it belongs (find out all about project and task categories here).

Now it is time to fill in the "Planning" with the specific tasks you are going to carry out. They will also be linked to the project and the category to which they refer.

Do you remember Luca's example from the other article? Well, that's exactly how he's going to plan his days and so will you!

And you'll be able to do this not only with the projects you work on but also with your personal activities, your training and the time you spend answering emails...

Everything is grouped into precise "blocks" on which you can concentrate without distractions and which your team can also see, so that they always know the free time you have available (and you can see theirs).

Are you ready to start planning your days to the fullest? 😉

Fly to TimeTrap!

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