Within your TimeTrap you can find two types of categories:

  • "Project" categories > these are the categories that you and your team decide to create to assign each project to a specific division, company section, etc.

    Imagine them as "folders" that you can use to better organise your projects (in a nutshell... call them whatever you like to have less confusion between the various projects).

    For example: your company produces furniture and follows projects for different internal divisions? There will be a lamp division, a wardrobe division, a bed division. The categories will then become "Lamp Division", "Wardrobe Division" and "Bed Division", each with its own projects to follow.

    Once created using the appropriate button in the "Projects" section of the side bar, they will automatically appear in the drop-down menu when you create a new project. You can change the category at any time.

    The "Projects" category will also appear in light grey when you choose which project to assign your task/plan in the "Planning" section of the side bar.

  • "Task" categories > are the categories dedicated to the single activities that you and your team carry out every day and that you include in your calendar planning in the "Planning" section.

    These categories can also be created using the appropriate button in the "Projects" section of the side bar, but they are used to differentiate the type of activity.

    For example: you and your team will certainly have common/similar activities such as answering emails, training hours, hours dedicated to operational tasks or personal matters, holidays/periods of leave... these all become categories.

    According to the time-blocking philosophy, every task that you plan in your calendar should be grouped together with all those of the same type, so having a dedicated "Task" category helps you to be more organised.

    You can assign different colours to them to help you understand more easily at the end of the month what you have concentrated your time on and what you have worked on less.

    You can find your own data and that of your colleagues in the Dashboard section of the side bar.

All this to help you learn from yourself and become more efficient every day!

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