It could be that, during your working days, the days, times and even the duration of your activities are different from those of your collaborators.

That's why with TimeTrap we wanted to give you the possibility to choose the visualization of your weekly planning in the way you prefer.

All you have to do is

  • go to the Planning section of your TimeTrap

  • click on the gear ⚙️ that you see in the lower right corner

Once you open the Board settings you will have all these display modes to choose from:

  • insert or not the weekend columns

  • the size of your time slots (if your daily activities are mostly 30 minutes you can set it by default as 15, 45...)

  • decide the time slot you want to display

  • decide the work time slot you want to display (this will be the white-colored section where you will insert your tasks and schedules)

  • decide the working days you want to display (you don't work on Tuesday? with a click you can remove the day and put it back when you want)

As you can see in the video, the changes will be made in real-time and you can decide to change the view whenever you want!

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