You can manage all the members of your workspace, including inviting new ones via the Users page in the Projects section.

(Please note that this is an option you can only have with TimeTrap Premium Plan)

All you need to do is:

  • click on Projects

  • at the top you will find the Users page, once entered you will find the list of your entire team with their roles

  • to invite a new user just click on the square "invite user" on the right, fill in the required fields and wait for the recipient to accept the invitation

Once accepted, the new user must create his new TimeTrap profile (if he hasn't already done so) by LOGGING IN WITH THE SAME MAIL ADDRESS on which he received the invitation. If he already has an account, he can accept the invitation and log in without registering again.

If the user has not yet accepted the invitation, next to his name in the Users area it will read "invited" until he decides to accept.

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