As with the Users page, the Roles page can be accessed from the Projects section of your TimeTrap.

By "roles" we mean the tasks of the members of the organization but not only, also and above all the powers and access to the changes of the whole organization that each of them has.

Only the user who made the original organization "born" on TimeTrap (such as the CEO or Manager) will have the ability to invite the different members to access the company account and consequently, to assign to each of them the roles and access to the various changes that can be made within, such as relevant changes to projects, other members, timesheets...


The changes that can be made by various members concern 5 internal components:


  2. ROLES

  3. USERS



For each of these, the ADMIN user (the one who has power over everything) can decide whether to give permission to:

  • READ = only visualization without being able to modify anything

  • CREATE = creation of components

  • EDIT = modification of the components

  • DELETE = deletion of components

Once members are invited, there are 3 default roles that can be assigned:

  • ADMIN = has the power to edit any of the 5 components within the company account

  • MANAGER = can modify everything except the organization and roles

  • MEMBER = can modify only projects and timesheets

But that's not all!

In the event that there are other, more specific roles within the team that you want to insert, the ADMIN user will just have to click on the "add" square and will be able to create as many roles as he or she wants, thus assigning the various powers to each of them.

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