Your working day has just begun and you are ready to start doing the first task you have planned in your weekly schedule.

The "time tracking" functionality integrated into TimeTrap allows you to keep track of the time you have actually worked at any given moment.

By clicking on the black play symbol in the top right-hand corner, a stopwatch will automatically start and mark the time you are spending on that specific task.

To stop it, simply click on the Done button at the bottom left once 1 minute has passed (the minimum time required for tracking to be activated) and the time you have tracked will automatically add up in the top box.

Are you distracted by a sudden important call, or does something happen that makes you change activity? With the "time tracking" function you will only mark the actual time you worked without forgetting it.

The great thing is that the time you track in this way will automatically add up in your personal dashboard and in the dashboard of the project to which you have linked the task, so that at the end of the month you will have all your times in an accurate and orderly manner.

Useful info:

  • you will only see the play symbol on the day itself

  • once you start the stopwatch, you will have to wait at least 1 minute before it can be counted and added as time

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