TinkerList's Teleprompter integration

TinkerList Script can be integrated with the Shared Folder mechanism of AutoScript's WinPlus IP and CueScript. Here you can read how.

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As it is not possible to directly write files from the Chrome browser to your filesystem you need our Desktop App to achieve the integration with WinPlus IP or CueScript.

You can download it here: https://software.tinkerlist.tv

Our Desktop App looks completely the same as our webapp, but it has the possibility to write files to your filesystem. And that's what we need to be able to write to the shared folder of the teleprompter software.

After you have opened a script, navigate to the "Teleprompter" menu:

 A panel opens:

Different Configurations

You can create different configurations: presenter A might want different layout than presenter B, or operator A might want different things than B.
You can rename the "Default" configuration under the general tab.

At the bottom of the panel you find a "Duplicate" button, this duplicates the whole setup as is now. Rename it under "Configuration Name" and then you can switch top left between Configurations.

All configurations are stored in the cloud, so when you open the panel on another computer you will find the same settings. They are stored per project.

When you close this panel or the script, the system stops syncing with the Shared Folder.

General Configurations

Under "Device" you can select our different Prompter integrations. Select "Winplus IP Shared Folder" or "CueScript Shared Folder".

  • List Titles Format allows you to upper- or lowercase all list titles

  • Card Titles Format allows you to upper- or lowercase all card titles

  • Remove everything between {} will remove all content between it while sending it to the prompter

  • Float everything between [] will indeed float this content in the prompter.

Shared Folder

When you change to "WinPlus IP Shared Folder"  or "CueScript Shared Folder" you will notice that two new buttons appear:

Top left you have a sync button. And at the bottom a "Shared Folder" - box.
First browse to the folder where you pointed the Shared Folder in your prompter application  to.

If you turn on the Sync - leaver files will be created in the Shared Folder
And the list-titles will appear in the teleprompter software.

Every letter you type in the script, every change you make to the configuration will immediately reflect in the prompter from the moment you turn on the sync-leaver.

Copy-Paste Text

In the Device dropdown you can select Copy-Paste Text. A text box appears at the bottom of the prompter panel. You can copy paste text from there, or click on the "DOWNLOAD RFT" - link to download what you see as an RTF file.
Or click on "COPY" to copy all the contents shown below in your clipboard.


You can minimize the prompt panel by clicking on the arrow next to the panels title: 

You can still control syncing on or of by the small menu on the right:

The List section

You can control how many empty lines are drawn by default before and after every list.

If you want certain lists not to appear in the prompter, you can write their names here separated with a comma.

The Card section

You can select what cards to display by clicking on the eye in front.
When you unfold a card you have more options:

  • empty lines before and after this card type

  • replace the whole card with a certain text

  • Choose the title field: This you should always do in order for the Prompter rundown to show correctly.

  • And then select the card fields you want to show

The Markers Section

By default all markers are sent to the prompter. You can disable that by clicking on the eye.
Same things here:

  • add lines before or after this marker

  • make the marked text "all caps"

  • replace the entire marker with a certain text

  • add text before the marker (on the same line)

  • add text after the marker (on the same line)

  • remove everything after a certain character:
    So if you put in "(" for this marked text:
    VT Madonna (last words: "help me i am falling")
    You will get:
    VT Madonna

  • Prompter Surrounding Tags allows you to further style text in WinPlus or CueScript.

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