With the impersonate feature, you can see the LXP from the perspective of a specific user.

Step 1. Go to LXP Control > Audience.

Step 2. Find the user you want to impersonate.

Step 3. Under 'Actions', click on the drop-down and select "Impersonate user".

You are now impersonating the user and viewing the platform through their eyes. You'll see an orange banner on the bottom of the screen as a constant reminder that you're logged in to the platform as someone else.

You can minimise this banner by clicking on the minimise ('-') icon on the far right, which will reduce the size and position of the banner, as in the example below:

Step 4. Once you have finished, don't forget to click on "Release user".

Good to know 👀

  • The user has to be activated before you can impersonate them (signalled by a green dot visible on the user's profile image).

  • Progress or data is stored during impersonation sessions.

  • Admins cannot impersonate other admins.

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