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Granting access to Content Builder and Studio

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For team members to contribute to creating and editing content, an Admin must grant them creator permissions. This access not only enables them to use Content Builder but, if Studio is enabled on your platform, grants access to Studio as well.

While this permission allows for content creation and editing, it restricts access to sensitive areas such as user data, automations, or other platform behaviour settings to ensure privacy and security.

Granting content creator permissions

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Users’ in the Control panel.

Step 2: Find the user you wish to grant permissions to and select ‘View user details’ under ‘Actions’ for that user.

Step 3: Click on the top right hamburger menu within the user details page and select ‘Give creator permission’.

By granting this permission, the user will now have access to Content Builder. Additionally, if Studio is enabled on your platform, they will gain access to Studio but will be restricted to content creation and editing functionalities only.

👀 Good to know

  • With Studio enabled, users granted creator permissions can navigate directly to Studio within Control. However, their access to Studio is strictly limited to content creation and editing features.

  • Ensure you provide the new content creators with the link to your platform’s Content Builder. This step is crucial for enabling them to start contributing immediately.

  • The design of these permissions prioritises the privacy of user data and the integrity of platform operations. Users with creator permissions can enhance the learning experience without impacting the platform's operational settings or accessing sensitive information.

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