Navigate to Audience | Vouchers | Add voucher

  • Fill in a Voucher Name and a Code (easy recognizable).

  • Then select on or more groups where the user should be put in.
    (Note: users will be automatically added to the group Vouchers. Do not use this group for any setup in Automations).

  • Select the default language.

  • Start at / End at: these date indicate the period this voucher code can be used for registration. Leave these fields blank if this period is unlimited.

  • Maximum usage: fill in a number if you want to restrict the amount of times this voucher code can be used. Leave this field blank if this is unlimited.

  • Deactivate users on date: Fill in the date that users who have used this voucher code must be deactivated on the platform. This will end their licenses. If your leave this field blank, the license will continue.

  • Click the "Add Voucher" button.

Red dot: Voucher code is not active yet.

Grey dot: Voucher code is expired.

Green dot: Voucher code is active.

By using the Actions arrow (on the right) you can View or Edit the voucher.

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