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Enable and configure feedback on your platform
Enable and configure feedback on your platform
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For Feedback to work on your platform you need to do three things:

Enable the Feedback feature through feature settings.

  • Go to TinQwise Control.

  • Go to Settings. Select Features in the top right.

  • Search for feedback in the table. Click on the arrow in the 'Actions' column in the far right. Select Edit feature.

  • Tick the Enabled checkbox, then save.

Set up one or more automations for the feedback survey.

  • Go to TinQwise Control.

  • Go to Behaviour > Automations.

  • Create a new automation. Give the automation a title. As a type of event, pick Check periodically.

Set up one or multiple conditions for your automation:

You can specify which users are allowed to see the feedback survey. E.g. only users from specific groups, only users who have completed a certain activity/journey, or only users who have been registered in the platform for more than 30 days. For this example we will go with the latter.

  • Click the + icon to add a condition, choose User-specific time condition.

  • In the field 'How to compare?' choose Compare with current time.

  • In the field 'User specific time field' choose Creation date of user.

  • In the field 'Start of timespan', type 30d.

  • You can leave 'End of the timespan' empty.

  • Save the condition.

Set up the Feedback action:

  • Click the + icon to add an action, pick Repeat feedback.

  • Pick the activity Feedback. This is a hard coded survey (so it does not exist in the client content builder).

  • Choose your Repeat period. E.g. 30d means that after the first time, the survey will be triggered every 30 days.

  • Save the action.

Unlock the Feedback activity:

  • Click the + icon again (in Actions). Select Unlock activity.

  • In the 'Activity' field, select the Feedback activity.

  • Save the action.

  • Make sure to save your automation as a whole by clicking 'Unsaved changes' in the top right.

Publish the feedback activity

The Feedback survey exists as a hard coded activity in your platform. This activity is set to unpublished by default. This is to prevent that all learners see the survey straight after you switch on the feature. After you have set up some automations, you can now publish the activity.

  • Go to TinQwise Control.

  • Go to Content. Select Activities in the top right.

  • Search for the Feedback activity and open it.

  • Click on the pencil icon on the top right corner by 'Activity settings'.

  • Set the activity to Published. Then Save.

  • Make sure to Publish your changes at the end and you're all set!

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