Gather periodic feedback from learners that can be analysed and compared over time. Collecting feedback from learners is just as important as monitoring the results over time and benchmarking.

Learning Feedback Questions

Remarkable skills

  • Are you equipped with all the skills you need this month? (yes/no)

  • What skills would you like to practice next month? (open question)

Vital knowledge

  • Do you have all the vital knowledge to perform this month? (yes/no)

  • What would you like to learn next month? (open question)

Memorable moments

  • Do you feel motivated to perform at your job? (yes/no)

  • What do you need to stay motivated? (open question)

Learner's and Admin's view

Learner's experience

Learners view the Learning Feedback questions when they login, and it reappears depending on the period set by admins. If Learners do not complete the survey or choose to do it later, it will automatically appear on their to-do list.

Admin's experience

Admins can view the results in LXP Control > Insights > Feedback. The answers are displayed on a monthly basis. Depending on the answers, it is recommended to focus on the areas where learners are lacking the most support.

For instance, if many 'no' answers are collected for the question 'Are you equipped with all the skills you need this month?', it could be great to reinforce the Upskill skill catalogue as part of learner's program and add relevant skills to their role (depending on their answer given in the related open question).

Setting up the Learning Feedback Feature⚙️

You can easily set up the Learning feedback feature by following the next steps:

Step 1. You need to enable the Learning Feedback feature in Control > Settings > Features.

Step 2. Set up a new automation by going to LXP Control > Pathways > Automations. Name it and select Scheduled event as the type of event.

Step 3. Choose the condition based on your needs and add the following actions:

  • Repeat learning feedback survey: Pick the module Learning Feedback. This is a hard coded survey (so it does not exist in the client content builder). Additionally, you have to set up the Repeat period. In this example the survey will be triggered every 30 days.

  • Unlock module: Pick the module Learning Feedback. You can also make the survey optional for the users by clicking the Optional box.

Step 4. Save the automation.

Publish the Learning Feedback module

The Learning Feedback survey exists as a hard coded module in your platform. This module is set to unpublished by default. This is to prevent that all learners see the survey straight after you switch on the feature. After you have set up some automations, you can now publish the module.

Go to LXP Control > Content > Modules and look for the Learning Feedback module.

Next, go to the Module settings and click on the pencil.

Click the Published box and save.

Make sure to Publish your changes at the end and you're all set!

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