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Send reminders, cancel invitations, monitor email status

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You can find the Invitations tab in TinQwise Control under the Users page.

On this page, you can see all the open invites that are sent to new users. Once a user registers for the platform, the open invitations will be removed here. So this list contains all users that got an invite to register but did not yet sign up.

Sending a reminder and cancelling platform invite

It is possible to send the users a reminder. By doing so, you send a new registration email to the user.

  • Select individual users or all of them together.

  • Click on Send reminder button.

If a user should not register anymore, you can also delete the invite for the user. In that way, the user can no longer register to the platform.

  • Select individual users or all of them together.

  • Click on the Trash button.

You can also click on the filter button next to the Invite user button to filter the group of users you want to send a reminder to based on the date they received the last email or the first invitation date.

Viewing email information

You can also monitor the invitation email status via this page. The status column of each user shows you

  • Click on the Actions arrow of the individual user that you would like to monitor the email information.

  • Select view email log.

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