TinQwise LXP supports SCORM modules as well as content from the LXP Content Builder. A SCORM is seen as a module and therefore exists on the same level as learning bites, assignments, exams, et cetera. That means it can be placed in a journey or can easily be accessed via a suggested bites slider or billboard on the discovery stream.

💡 Good to know before you start

File naming is very important when working with SCORM files on LXP. Make sure your zip file has no spaces or periods in its name. If you have several SCORM files that each contain the same module in a different language, use an underscore and the language code at the end of the file name. For example:

  • GdprModule_en.zip

  • GdprModule_fr.zip

When you then select the right language when uploading the file, the platform understands this should be one module with different languages. It's similar to having a module from the LXP Content Builder available in English and French. If the user changes their language, the SCORM module will be shown in a different language too.

If your SCORM package contains all languages and allows the user to select one after opening it, choose 'Use for all languages' at step 4 below.

📖 How to upload your SCORM package

  1. In Control, go to Content > Modules.

  2. Click 'Upload external content' in the top right corner.

  3. Select the .zip file on your computer.

  4. Choose the language this SCORM file should be used for.

  5. Click 'upload file'. Depending on the size, it takes a bit of time to upload.

  6. After your upload is done, find your module under Content > Modules and click it.

  7. Click the pencil in the top right corner to adjust the title (you can add spaces now), add an image for the module tile and set the duration.
    You can also give your module a label, similar to other module formats which all have their own label shown on the bottom of the module tile. The standard icon is a book, similar to the learning bite icon.

Already uploaded your SCORM package, but want to make adjustments?

If you want to update your SCORM package, you can always replace it with a newer version. Make sure the file name is exactly the same as the previous version you uploaded. Then follow step 1 to 5. With the same file name, the platform understands it needs to overwrite the existing version, instead of creating a new module. This way any attached widgets or automations stay intact. However, the title as shown to users may have been overwritten, so please check that and adjust if necessary.

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