How to select platform languages for enhanced learning experience

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Tailoring the language of your platform

TinQwise learning platform allows you to customise the language settings to better suit your learners' preferences. By selecting the languages available on your platform, you can create a more inclusive and accessible learning environment.

Setting up languages on the platform:

Step 1. Navigate to Control > Settings > General

Step 2. Click on Platform languages and add:

  • Available languages: Choose from a list of languages supported by the platform. This list determines what language options are available to learners.

  • Default language: Set a default language. This language will be used on the platform if a learner does not specify their preference.

Supported languages- in the learning platform

Fully supported languages

๐Ÿ”” These languages are available for both the platform interface and content.

Supported languages for content

๐Ÿ”” These languages are available for adding content. Note that while content can be created in these languages, the platform interface will not be automatically translated.

Arabic (ar)

Belgian-Dutch (nl-be)

Bulgarian (coming soon)

Belgian-French (fr-be)

Chinese - simplified (zh-hans)

Chinese - Taiwan (zh-tw)

Czech (cs)

Chinese - traditional (zh-hant)

Danish (da)

Croatian (hr)

Dutch (nl)

Indonesian (id)

English (en)

Korean (ko)

French (fr)

Thai (th)

German (de)

Vietnamese (vi)

Greek (el)

Hebrew (coming soon)

Italian (it)

Japanese (ja)

Norwegian (nn)

Polish (pl)

Portuguese (pt)

Romanian (coming soon)

Russian (ru)

Spanish (es)

Swedish (se)

Turkish (tr)

Ukrainian (coming soon)

Customising platform text in content languages:

  • For languages not fully supported by the platform's interface, you have the option to manage platform text through Control > Terminology.

  • This feature allows you to tailor the platform's interface text in any of the content-supported languages, providing a more personalised experience for your learners.

Supported languages in TinQwise Control

  • English (en)

  • Dutch (nl)

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