Users can track their own progress. They can access it in the top navigation menu under the tab "More".

They can see the following information:

  • Percentage of their total progress on the platform.

  • Which journeys they have access to.

  • Which modules are in each journey and which ones they have completed.

All modules that aren't in a journey will be placed under "Other".

However, sometimes certain users see modules in their "My progress" report that you don't want them to see. This has as a consequence that they need to complete these modules to be able to reach a score of 100%, even when these modules are not meant for them.

The reason for this is that modules are automatically added to "My progress" even when they are not in the discovery stream. So when there are no automations linked to a module (making it available for everyone) but the module is published the user will not see the module on their discovery stream but it does appear in "My progress".

Thus, to remove the modules from "My progress" you need to remove the access to the module. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Unpublish the module.

  2. Create a automation linked to the journey.

If there are no users (yet) on the platform who should see the module, then the easiest solution is to unpublish the module. To do this, go to LXP Control ( > Content > Modules.

Here you can find a list of all modules that are available on your platform. This includes modules created in your content builder, uploaded SCORM modules or external learning content.

Use the "Search module" function to search for the module you want to change the access of. The module will show up with the following information:

  • Published or not

  • In which journeys the module is in

In the example below, you can see that the module is published but it is not in any journeys.

When you click on the module you can see that there are also no automations that use this module.

Since the module is published and there are no automations linked to it, the module is accessible by everyone. This is the reason why it will show up on their "My progress".

Here's a tip. You can quickly check if the module access is set up correctly by checking the number of invites for the module. If the module is only meant for a select group of users but you see thousands of invites, you know something is not set up correctly.

To remove access by unpublishing the module:

  1. Edit the module details

  2. Uncheck the checkmark of "Published".

  3. Save

  4. Publish your changes

To remove access by creating an automation:

  1. Create new automation

  2. Type of event: Scheduled event

  3. User condition: add groups or users that should have access (or add a test group if no users should see the content).

  4. Action: Unlock module - select the module

  5. Save changes

Because there is now a automation linked to the module, the module is inaccessible to users not included in the automation, and will therefore be removed from their "My progress".

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