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How to give a user or a group access to reporting
How to give a user or a group access to reporting

Giving a user or group permissions to view in-app reporting for one or more user groups

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As an admin, you may want to give users like managers or trainers access to reporting for 'their' group(s) of users. You can give them reporting rights so they can access reporting via the menu on your platform.

Having reporting rights for a group means:

  • You can see how much content users have completed overall, either as a percentage or as an amount of activities.

  • You can view which content a user has and has not yet completed, including the answers they have given in a activity.

  • You can filter on journeys and groups to get more specific insights.

  • You can see per user which journeys they have access to and how much they've completed within those journeys.

  • When applicable, you can grade activities that need grading

  • When applicable, you can see which badges have been earned by whom and remind users to work on a specific skill to get more badges. When set-up, you can also assign new skills to specific users.

Steps to take

  1. Decide if you want to give reporting rights to one user or to a group of users.

    1. If it's an individual user that you want to give these rights, find the user in Users. Then click the hamburger menu and choose 'Add permissions'.

    2. If you want to give an entire group reporting rights over another group, go to Groups to find the group that should see reporting. Then click the 'Permissions' tab and choose 'Add permissions'.

  2. Now you need to add 3 different permissions.

    1. Select 'View members'. In the newly appeared dropdown, select the group that will be shown in reporting. Choosing a parent group will result in underlying groups also being shown in in-app reporting. Then save.

    2. Add the permission 'Manage members' and choose the same group as in step 2a.

    3. Add the permission 'Reporting' and choose the same group as in step 2a and 2b.

  3. Repeat these steps to give reporting rights over another group if necessary.

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