To create a default Newbies Onboarding dashboard, you need to take a few steps:

1. Create your journeys and add the modules

2. Create all widgets in your Discovery stream

  • Billboard(s) by period

  • Suggested bites per period

  • Magic wall(s) per period

  • Journey slider

  • Journey overviews

    Put these widgets in the Discovery stream in order of preference.

3. Define Automations to show and hide the journeys and widgets during periods and unlock modules. In addition to unlocking modules, you can also send notifications with these Automations.

Create an Automation (type: scheduled event) and give it a logical name - or – click on an existing Automation to modify it

  • Conditions:
    Choose User-specific time condition. Select the contract_start_date field because the condition of timing depends on the first working day




Preboarding (week 0)

7d before

1s before

Week 1


6d 23h 59m

Week 2


13d 23h 59m

Week 3 + 4


27d 23h 59m

Month 2


55d 23h 59m

Month 3


83d 23h 59m

  • Actions:

    • Unlock widget: which widgets should be displayed on the dashboard of a user who meets the conditions? (Which billboard, Suggetsed bites, Magic Wall, Journeys)

    • Unlock module: Which modules need to be unlocked for the selected widgets? If you do not do this, tiles will appear on the dashboard, but they are locked.

    • Unlock journey/section; Which journeys should be visible on the Dasboard? Check “With sections”and “With modules”.

    • Notify user: What will be the content of the notification sent to the user?

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