What LXP reporting data is available via APIs?

  1. Modules reporting API

    • user id

    • module progress

    • module completion date

    • module duration

    • module type

    • module identifier

  2. Users reporting API

    • user id

    • user groups

    • (optional) custom profile fields

  3. Journeys reporting API

    • Journey/Section title

    • Progress per user

    • time spent completing a Journey

  4. Skills reporting API

    • Skill-specific data

      • skill id

      • skill name

      • modification date

      • expiration date

    • User-specific data

      • progress

      • (optional) flagged or nudged

      • completion date

  5. Training time reporting API

    • user ID

    • training time per module type (formal/informal)

      • Only available if training type feature is enabled.

    • total training time

  6. Groups reporting API

    • group ID

    • group name

    • group type

    • modification date

    • (optional) external id

    • (optional) user importer

Please note that the IDs returned for module, journey. or badge are unique for the attempt. For example, when the module is reset, the API will return a new id.

Please note that we support Open API Specification V3.

How to obtain your API credentials:

To export data from LXP, your platform must have an assigned:

  • client_secret

  • client_id

  • Specific scope

These are required for authentication. If you don't know your client_secret and client_id, please reach out to your TinQwise contact person. Specific API scopes can be found in this URL: platform.co.nl/api/v2/public/docs/.

Interactive documentation

To explore the available endpoints use the interactive documentation. It can be accessed at https://<platform name>.platform.co.nl/api/v2/public/docs/. (e.g. https://tinqwise.platform.co.nl/api/v2/public/docs/)

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