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My tl;dv Zoom app does not work
My tl;dv Zoom app does not work

3 simple steps to accelerate our troubleshooting for you

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Written by Carlo Thissen (Co-Founder)
Updated over a week ago

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Zoom!

To make the troubleshooting as fast as possible, please share the following information via our Support chat.

  1. Your Mac/Windows version

  2. Your tl;dv desktop app version. You can find it by opening the tl;dv app on your desktop

Also, please do the following:

  1. Start a new meeting on Zoom via your calendar

  2. Click "Record & Highlight" and try to reproduce the error

  3. Now click on the drop-down on "tl;dv 2.2.7" and click on the copy icon in the top right corner

  4. Please paste the information into our support chat

Thank you! Those points would help us a lot to unblock you as soon as possible! πŸ™

Note: If you run an outdated version, you can always download the newest tl;dv desktop here.


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