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AI Meeting Notes

Get concise summaries of your meetings with 1 click

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Meetings are challenging environments that require multitasking.

tl;dv helps you focus on your conversations with customers and keep track of relevant moments using AI meeting summaries.

We currently offer two different ways of AI meeting notes, fully automated and semi-automated.

1. Fully automated meeting notes ⚑️

  • tl;dv automatically timestamps and summarizes key meeting moments during your meetings

  • Those summaries will appear on the left of your video-recording and always link to the moment when this topic was discussed

  • The summaries can be grouped "By Tags" or "By Topic". You can choose between mode modes on your meeting recording page.

  • AI summaries can be exported automatically or with a single click to your preferred tools

"By Tag" summarization

  • Timestamped meeting notes are grouped under tags like "Next Steps", "Open Questions", "Ideas", and more

  • The type of tags depends on your chosen AI tag template

"By Topic" summarization

  • tl;dv automatically scans common topics in your conversation and summarizes those

  • Each topic consists of the "gist" and timestamped notes where this topic was discussed

2. Semi-automated meeting notes πŸ“Œ

  • Focus on the conversation with your customer

  • Press the magic pin button to mark an important moment during your call

  • tl;dv will save the timestamp, summarize the moment, and assign an AI tag to it

πŸͺ„ Tips & Tricks

Export your AI summaries with a single click to where you need them

Choose your preferred default view under Preferences

Automatically export AI summaries to your preferred tools under Integrations

If you ever have questions, please always feel free to reach out via our support chat - we are happy to help!

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