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How to record meetings on mobile
How to record meetings on mobile

tl;dv can auto-record meetings that you join from your mobile device.

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tl;dv does not have a native mobile app yet, but you can record, transcribe & summarize meetings that you join on mobile with auto-recording.

To enable auto-recording go to your preferences:

Then, choose which meetings you’d like to record automatically:

  • All meetings - all of your meetings, regardless of who is present.

  • Internal meetings - where all participants share the same email domain as you.

  • External meetings - where at least one participant has a different email domain.


  • If you choose "Record only meetings on my calendar that I join" tl;dv will not record your mobile meetings.

  • These settings will also apply to any meetings that you join from your desktop computer.


  1. If you join a meeting from your mobile, you will not see the tl;dv note-taking interface.

  2. The meeting host still needs to allow tl;dv to join your meeting.

  3. tl;dv will only join meetings on mobile that are scheduled in your calendar.

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