Brand new to To Be Magnetic? Check out our Free Clarity Exercise to get an intro to this process of manifestation, a feel for the structure & layout of our workshops, & to sample our journal prompts & a Deep Imagining - our version of guided hypnosis for subconscious reprogramming. This free trial will allow you to see if our method resonates with you before having to purchase anything!

Ready to start manifesting & jump into the workshops? Check out what's included in our All Access Annual Pathway Membership here, or browse our workshops a la carte here!

When it comes to which workshops we recommend, if you're completely new we always suggest starting with How to Manifest (formerly Formula & Magnetism) to deep dive into the process. Within this course you'll learn our unique manifestation method & its roots in neuroscience & psychology. You'll also learn our terminology and get a fundamental understanding for well.. how to manifest! From there we recommend moving into at least one round of Unblocked Inner Child (formerly Reparent) and Unblocked Shadow.

Of course you are welcome to start wherever you are called to, this is just the typical path we suggest to everyone to really get the ground work in for this process. The key to this process is that by raising your self worth, you increase your magnetism. Therefore, the Inner Child & Shadow work are crucial components - especially when you're new.

All three workshops: How to Manifest, Unblocked Inner Child, and Unblocked Shadow are all available within The Pathway membership or can be purchased through The Basics Bundle. Shadow & Inner Child can alternatively be purchased a la carte but we do not currently offer How to Manifest a la carte.

For more free manifestation content & to learn more about our process, be sure to check out the EXPANDED Podcast and follow us on IG: Below are some suggested EXPANDED Podcast episodes for beginners!

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