TBM's Plan Extension Policy

There is no option to extend or add access time to any TBM plans, including the Pathway memberships & all a la carte purchases. There are no exceptions made to this policy as access time is automated, cannot be altered from the backend, and begins immediately upon enrollment.

Something to keep in mind is that while the a la carte workshops do of course stand alone and you can make a significant amount of progress, those a la carte's are really meant to be a sample of what is included in the Pathway membership so that those who aren't sure that they want to make a 12-month commitment right off the bat can give the work a try. Usually, our members who start by trying an a la carte workshop do join the Pathway after their access to their a la carte workshop is expired, because as you can see, there is so much work to do! It's hard to get it all done in the access time (let alone a lifetime!) 

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