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I fall asleep or I come up blank/nothing comes to me during the DIs?
I fall asleep or I come up blank/nothing comes to me during the DIs?

I can't get into the DIs/DRE.

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Sit up in a chair so you don’t fall asleep. These meditations are most effective when you are very relaxed and cover your eyes. Everyone’s device will be different so adjust the volume to your comfort level.  

We’ve found most will have a more powerful and clear experience by doing them when their nervous system is relaxed, when you’re not as stimulated and in your head. (ie. after an epsom salt bath, a meditation, a nap, or a massage). Some people also prefer to listen to the DIs while going for a walk and talking through the prompts out loud. Find what works best for you! 

Another recommendation is to free write beforehand to loosen up the conscious mind and get you in a state where the subconscious can come forward, even if this means writing “I don’t know what to write.” over and over until something else flows out. Then once you have dropped into the DI, we recommend truly believing anything that presents itself to work through without judgment, no matter how weird or small it may seem.

Check out the "Doing A Deep Imagining & How To Reprogram" lecture within the Daily Practice workshop for more tips or connect in our Pathway Exclusive Community Group to connect with other members who may have overcome a similar obstacle!

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