To join the Community Group, you will first need an active Pathway membership! Once you have a membership, you will want to login to your account & find the Community Group module within your members portal. See screenshot below for reference:

You can then join by clicking on the link in this module!

A couple things to note:

1) The group is private &, therefore, not searchable on Mighty Networks. Therefore, you'll need to enter through your Pathway members portal.

2) If you are ever removed from the group either due to a lapse in membership (such as your membership expiring or cancelling due to failed billing) or due to not complying with the group guidelines, you will need an invitation to be accepted back into the group. Please email with the heading "Rejoin the Community Group" to request an invitation.

3) You must use your name as it appears on your Pathway membership in Teachable & email associated with your membership for verification purposes. If you do not have your first & last name in your Teachable profile, please go to your settings to update this prior to requesting admittance into the group.

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