1b. Recognize What Mentoring Is and Is Not

It is important that both you and your mentee understand what does and does not constitute a mentoring relationship, as detailed below:

Mentoring Is…

  • Development Tool—It is a development program that grows knowledge, networks, and careers. The process allows more experienced employees to support and develop other HIPO employees.
  • Knowledge Sharing Opportunity—It is a process that improves cross-functional knowledge sharing and facilitates the flow of information and ideas throughout the organization.
  • Organizational Culture Enhancer—It can help employees better understand the organization’s operations, policies, and culture.

Mentoring Is Not…

  • Guarantee of Promotion—A mentoring relationship provides no assurance of promotion or increase in compensation. However, both parties may develop competencies and skills that improve overall job performance.
  • Replacement for Formal Development—Mentoring cannot take the place of formal training, but rather should augment formal development activities.
  • Management Replacement—The mentor should not take on the responsibilities of the mentee’s manager.
  • Employee Assistance Program—Mentoring is not an employee assistance program that provides employees with counseling on personal issues.
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