3c. Identify Effective Mentoring Activities

In addition to the discussion questions described on the previous pages, use the following activities to build your relationship with your mentee:

Skill Development

  • Suggest that your mentee choose one to three objectives, preferably skills, to work on with you.

  • Invite your mentee to some of your key meetings or have him/her observe you as you work.

  • Observe your mentee giving a presentation. Get permission to offer your feedback privately.

Knowledge Sharing

  • Share a difficult decision you made recently and discuss what inputs you considered when making the decision and its outcome. Ask your mentee what he/she might have done differently.

  • Ask for your mentee’s advice about a project or problem on which you are working.

  • Explain some of the “unwritten rules” you have learned about being successful at the organization.


  • Introduce your mentee to at least two people who could be helpful to him/her.

  • Link up with other mentoring pairs for lunch or another activity.

  • Occasionally call your mentee unexpectedly, just to check in.

  • Do volunteer work together.

Career Advice

  • Offer to tell your career story in some detail. How did you start your career? What changes did you make along the way? Include high and low points and how these learning experiences helped you.

  • Critique your mentee’s résumé. Provide specific suggestions for and examples of any changes you recommend.

  • Help your mentee research several career paths he/she might take within or outside of the organization.

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