3d. Foster an Effective Relationship

Prioritizing meeting with your mentee throughout the relationship is critical in order for you both to benefit fully from the relationship. Ensure a productive, successful relationship by implementing the following guidelines:

  • E-mail an agenda to your mentee the day before each meeting and ask for his/her input.

  • Hold meetings outside of your office, if possible (e.g., go to lunch, sit in a coffee shop, go for a walk outside).

  • Set next steps at the end of each discussion and clarify who is responsible for each of them. If follow-up poses a challenge for either of you, use the opportunity to problem solve together.

  • After each meeting, send a note to your mentee describing how you benefitted from the conversation; ask him/her to share his/her thoughts too.

  • Set a reminder on your calendar to send an interesting article to your mentee each Friday.

  • Note important personal events in the life of your mentee, such as his/her birthday and anniversary date with the organization.

  • Attend educational events (internal and external) together, such as lectures, talks, and discussions.

  • Find opportunities to interact with your mentee outside work, such as volunteering together.

  • Suggest ideas to your mentee of how to develop his/her hobbies.

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