4a. Assess the Relationship’s Success

To ensure that the mentoring relationship remains beneficial to both you and your mentee, use the below to facilitate a conversation every four to six months regarding the effectiveness of the relationship:

  • Are we meeting with the appropriate frequency and for the right length of time?
  • Are you following-up on our action items coming out of each meeting? Am I doing a good job following-up on mine?
  • What do you like most about our mentoring relationship? What do you like least?
  • Do you feel that I am challenging your behaviours and assumptions, not you as a person or your intellect?
  • Am I helping you see the big picture?
  • Are you learning from this relationship?
  • What skills are you building as a result of this relationship?
  • Am I providing you with the right kind of support? Enough support?
  • How are we progressing on the goals and objectives you set at the beginning of the relationship?
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