Once you've created a program and people have registered for it, you'll have a pool of participants you can pair. Navigate to Programs > Pairing > Pair Users and you will see the pool here.

If you haven't already, turn "Pairing On" by clicking on the button in the top-right of the page. This turns on the ability to create new pairings.

You can run the pairing process one of two ways:

  • Admin led: Only admins can create pairings, but the software helps make recommendations. This is best used for small programs or programs with special goals, like high-potential-talent programs

  • User led: Users can create their pairings. In this case, mentees either choose their mentor from a shortlist, or they can rank their mentor preferences and mentors approve of requests.

Admin led

As an admin, you can create pairings one by one. or in bulk. 

One by One
To create one pairing, find any mentee with capacity, then hit the + icon in the "Mentors are" column next to their name.

A warning sign means that according to your algorithm settings, there are no eligible mentors for a given mentee. A number indicates the number of eligible mentors for that mentee.

Clicking on the + icon will pull up the assigning panel, which displays the mentee on the left and mentor profiles on the right. You can either choose from recommended mentors, displayed in the middle, or search the directory to find someone specific.

The mentor profile will show a "Matched Based On" area, which helps admins understand why two people were recommended.

To create pairings in bulk, you can use the "Run Autopairing" feature, which will optimize all the pairings for mentees with capacity. It will place all of the suggested pairings into the "Staged Pairings" tab, where they can be reviewed and modified by administrators as needed before being approved.

For more information on Staged pairings, read here.

User led

To kick-off an user-led process, first ensure your program settings are set to one of the user-led pairing processes:

  • Mentee led

  • Mentor approval

Next, head back to your participant pool at Programs > Pairing > Pair Users.

Both of these pairing processes start with mentees logging in to submit their mentor preferences.

You must manually trigger the kick-off of mentees submitting their mentor preferences. This is intentional, to give admins a chance to make any admin-led pairings they want before the mentees are invited. If you'd like to make any admin-led pairings, do so now using the instructions in the section above. Then, to kick-off the user-led pairing process, click the button at the top of the pool called "Invite available mentees".

This will email all mentees who have capacity for a mentor with the email template "Submit Your mentor preferences", which you can find and edit in the Programs > Emails section.

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