A pairing between two users is unique to a program. First, determine which program you'd like to stop a pairing(s) in.

Stopping pairings one at a time

Head to the "Manage Pairings" page located at Programs > Pairing > Manage Pairings:

Find the pairing in the Active Pairings table (you can search for the mentor or mentee's name) and click Stop Pairing.

Email the users as needed to communicate the change.

Stopping all pairings in a program

If you need to stop all pairings in a program, use the Automatically End Pairings functionality in the program settings.

Head to "Program Settings", located at Programs > Pairing > Program Settings:

Find the Automatically End Pairings section, and set a date you'd like all pairings to end. You can use today's date if you would like to end them today.

Use the additional settings to decide what happens to users whose pairing ends. You can notify them, and even continue the pairing process.

Note: Pairings will stop in the evening of the specified date, Eastern Standard Time. Please wait until then before contacting support.

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