It's common to have executives or very busy professionals participate as mentors or mentees in your program. Sometimes, they don't have a chance to register for a program, schedule sessions with their pairing, leave notes or leave session feedback. 

To support these users, we have a set of personal assistant tools that help! To start, designate a user as a personal assistant:

  1. Go to the Users page

  2. Add the user if they aren't already there

  3. Click on them in the table

  4. A dialog will appear (see screenshot below)

  5. Check off Personal Assistant for permissions, then add the names of the people they assist.

  6. Invite the Personal Assistant to sign up or sign in again

When a user with Personal Assistant permissions signs in, their home screen will be modified and allows them to pick the user they'd like to log in as. This allows them to also be a mentor or mentee, while managing someone else's account.

They can then book sessions, leave feedback, etc, on someone else's behalf. They can even complete the registration for a program for someone else!

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