Once a mentor and mentee are paired, they will get access to the pairing page, with a number of tools to get the most of their program:

One of the first items on the Overview page is the Mentorship Agreement. It is a module that you fill out at the beginning of the program (typically before Session 3) that has the following elements:

  • Choosing goals & skills from your profile to specifically work on in this pairing
  • Self assessing on those goals and skills

  • Writing out an action plan / SMART goals on how exactly you plan to achieve those

  • Scheduling and commitment

  • Signing off

The mentorship agreement is mentee oriented, meaning only mentees self-assess on goals and skills, however, mentors should review and contribute to the free-text sections around goals and scheduling. 

Final Assessments
The Final Assessment is a shorter module that unlocks once you complete all your sessions in the program, and asks you to revisit those goals and skills and reassess on your progress!

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