Together Platform is a web application for businesses to run internal mentoring programs for employees. By integrating with Google for Work, you give your users several user experience improvements when managing their participation in the mentoring program:

  • Users can see free/busy slots of their pairing, so they can book mentoring sessions at the right times

  • Users can see the RSVP of their pairing to mentorship sessions, because the user is the organizer of their own event

  • Users can add a hangouts link automatically to mentorship meetings

  • Users can reschedule / cancel directly from Google Calendar

Booking time with a mentor or mentee


Installation is simple. Visit the GSuite marketplace listing for Together Software here and click "Domain-wide install".


Together's Google for Work app requires:

  • Read and Modify calendars

  • View basic user profiles

Data Usage

Only metadata of calendar events tied to mentoring sessions booked in Together Platform, such as event ID and start / end time is used. Together never uses integrations for purposes unrelated to mentoring sessions.

Further reading

Official documentation for the Google API endpoint Together uses is available here. See an overview of Together calendar integrations here.

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