Zoom's seamless video conferencing platform makes it the perfect tool to connect to Together Platform. Once you connect a Zoom account, you'll be able to schedule Zoom meetings from Together Platform's calendar tool, and automatically generate Zoom meetings with scheduling links.


Step 1

Ensure that you are registered for a mentoring program and you are in an active pairing in that program. When you have an active pairing, it will appear in your navigation bar on the left hand side:

Step 2

Go to book a session.

The calendar tool will appear, and you will see the option to add a video conference link to the mentorship session.

Step 3

Click and choose Zoom meeting.

Step 4

Authorize the connection between Zoom and Together Platform. If you are unable to do to because of lack of permissions, reach out to your Zoom/IT admin for permissions.


Once installed, Together Platform will also add a Zoom meeting link to your invite. When you are ready, send the invite to your pairing.

Your invite will appear in the calendar with a Zoom link in the description:

You can also join from Together Platform by finding the session and clicking on the Join link at the top:

Uninstallation / Changing Accounts

If you need to uninstall the connection or change your connection Zoom account, login to https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed to view the apps you've authorized for Zoom and uninstall Together Platform.

If you are switching accounts and you have an old and new Zoom account, you should make sure to uninstall Together Platform for both the old and new Zoom accounts, then reauthorize it with the installation steps above.

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