Smart algorithm rules allow you to modify the the high-level goals of your pairing process. We set up smart defaults with what we recommend, so only change these if you have a specific change needed for your program.

Fit vs Participation

There are two options for this rule:

  1. Avoid unpaired users as much as possible, then optimize for highest pairing score
    I want as many people to participate as possible

  2. Optimize for highest pairing score
    I want my participants to have the best match based on overlap between profiles

For admin-led pairing, this rule will impact how global optimization is run during auto-pairing. Your list of pairings will be impacted based on what setting you choose here.

For mentee-led pairing, this rule will shift the order of recommendations provided to each participant when they are choosing their mentor.

Be sure to choose which is most important to your program’s goals. Feel free to reach out to a member of the support team if you need further assistance.

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