Once mentees and mentors are paired, they'll start meeting for sessions. Each session includes a feedback form including:

  • Session Rating (out of 4)

  • Long text feedback box for administrators

  • Skills and goals progress

  • Note taking

In addition, the first session will contain an extra step around Pairing Fit.

Pairing Fit feedback contains only three options:

  • It's a good fit

  • Still deciding

  • Not a good fit

Each response will create different actions in the platform:


Mentee Result

Mentor Result

It's a good fit

Pairing continues

Pairing continues

Still deciding

Pairing continues, mentee asked question again after next session

Pairing continues, mentor asked question again after next session

Not a good fit

Mentee asked whether they would like to be re-paired. Re-pair process begins.

Response is recorded for admins, but mentors are not offered to re-pair.

If you are on the latest version of reporting, these results will be displayed to you in the Pairing Report:

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