The Dayforce HCM integration is a read-only, nightly sync of your employee directory information into Together Platform. We do not push back any data into Dayforce.

Registering Your Web Service User

  1. Log into your instance as an administrator.

  2. Create a new user named "Together Integration". This user will have the permissions to read your data.

  3. Configure the feature access on the user by following the section below titled "Feature Access". Ensure the user has "Read Data" permission under Web Services.

  4. Copy the username and password of the user

Feature Access

The primary role attached to a consumer’s account must have access to Web Services features. You may have a custom role such as "Read Integration User".

In order to assign this feature to a role, go to System Admin/Roles and select the relevant role. On the Features tab, expand and check HCM Anywhere and Web Services features:

Under Web Services, check the relevant features:

  • Explorer

  • Read Data: controls the role’s ability to retrieve data from Dayforce using either SOAP and, or, RESTful GET requests. The ability to retrieve specific response types is controlled separately via Web Services Field-Level Access settings. No Dayforce HCM screens are associated with this feature.

Sharing your credentials

Provide the username, password and your Company ID to via encrypted email.

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