When launching a mentoring program, you have the ability the set access on who can register for the program ahead of time.

Private programs: Registrants will have to be in your Users table before they are able to join your program. This allows you to include any users you upload via CSV or through your HR integrations, but no one else.

Public programs: Registrants do not have to be in your Users table and anyone with the link can sign up. This method is not compatible with Single Sign On, and only supports Email and Password accounts.

Restricting who can sign up as a mentor or mentee

If you'd like to set access ahead of time on who should be eligible as a mentor, mentee or both, you can do that with Advanced Access Settings (only available in Private Programs).

You have two options:

  • Set access with a rule: Use fields from your data prior to collecting any registration information, to set who can be a mentee or mentor

  • Set Access by User: Select users and set whether they can be a mentee, mentor or both

If you would like only mentors (or mentees) to sign up for some period of time, you can take one of the following approaches:

  1. For User lists of less than 1000 people: Select all and set access as mentor or mentee only

  2. For User lists of greater than 1000 people: Due to performance reasons that will be improved in the future, you can only reliably make use of the "Set access with a rule" option. We recommend setting a rule that cannot be met to restrict mentors or mentees, such as Mentors must be an Admin.

Once you do that, you will notice the table will reflect access evaluated on the user level.

We are working on easier ways to restrict mentor and mentee access for all users for the future.

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