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Why are businesses proud to associate with the Top Choice Awards?
Why are businesses proud to associate with the Top Choice Awards?

Top Choice Award is the largest local business award in North America, and one of the greatest accolades a local business can have.

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At Top Choice Awards we are proud to say that as the leader in the business awards industry we will continue to inspire local award programs to stay innovative and highlight businesses in their city. Read Top Choice Awards' Google Reviews

Top Choice Awards is the most liked, followed and viewed business award in North America. This is a testament to our efforts to connect with businesses and voters alike.

Top Choice Awards has a five star score on Google, with reviews from many satisfied business owners. Read what they have to say by visiting


Unlike other business awards, identifying and promoting excellence is what we do ... all year round! Since 2004, the results speak for themselves: 2,000,000+ votes collected, 30,000+ businesses nominated and 8000+ winners identified.*


Our greatest asset is our network of hundreds of thousands of businesses, professionals, and consumers. We continually grow our sphere of influence and put that to use by promoting by nominees and winners alike.

*estimates based on 14 years of business (as of 2019).

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