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Getting started with your iTrust Local Listing
Getting started with your iTrust Local Listing

How to claim your iTrustLocal business listing, create your user profile and more.

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Once you've received an email informing you that your business is iTrust Qualified, it's time to set up your iTrust Local listing!

In the email that informs you of your iTrust Qualified status, you are given a unique access code that you will need in order to claim your listing.

Claim Your Listing:

1. We recommend creating your personal profile on iTrustLocal first, using social login (Facebook/Google) to make signing-in easier. View how to create your user profile here.

2. After you've created your profile. Search your business in

3. Press into your listing, you will see a button on the right-hand side that says "Claim Now"
If your listing has already previously been claimed, you will have a blue checkmark on the listing page.

4. Choose the Free, Plus or Premium tier, whichever tier best suits your business depending on the features you need.

5. Enter your details including your access code.

6. If you have already created your user profile (step 1) press "returning user" in the claim form.

7. Press "I agree"

8. Press "Claim Listing"

Once we receive your claim, our team will review it to verify you have the correct access code and details.

Once your claim has been approved, you will receive an email with the next steps including how to edit your listing and where to find the iTrustLocal badges you can use to promote your iTrust Qualified status and to direct people to review you on

Edit Your Listing

1. Once you are logged in to iTrustLocal and you have claimed your listing, it's time to edit your business' listing with as many features as you can according to which tier you've chosen.

2. Go to your business' listing, now that you are the user that has claimed the listing, on the bottom of the page there will be a gray bar with a button that says "edit". Press this to begin editing your listing. You can also access the "edit page" by going to your dashboard (press the "person icon at the top right-hand corner and press "Dashboard").

3. Enter your business' details. Here is a more in-depth explanation of the features and why they're important to use.

4. Press "Update and Preview" to complete the editing of your listing.

After your listing is edited, be sure to get customers to review you on The more reviews you have, the better!

View an example of a completed business listing here.

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