Welcome to Topia! Topia is a spatial video conferencing platform where people can connect face-to-face in a fun and more natural way. Topia is a better place to bring people together.

👤 Create Your Free Account

By making an account, you can create your own world, keep track of the worlds that you visit, easily return to your favorite worlds, and stay in contact via private message with people you meet as you explore Topia.

Topia supports three different ways to create or login to your account. Check out the article below to learn how to create your account or login to an existing account:

🗺 Explore an Existing World

Each world is completely different, customized by the owner of that world. If someone invited you to explore a world, simply navigate to the url. Permissioning for each world is set by the owner of the world. Depending on the settings, you may be required to do any following in order to enter: (1) authenticate by logging in to your Topia account, (2) enter a password, (3) authenticate using an email that is on the guestlist, or (4) login via SSO SAML using an employer email address.

Curious about Topia? Check out our town square world at topia.io/welcome

🎨 Create Your World

Anyone can create & customize a world in Topia! And, it's really simple. Topia has two plans that you can choose from and additional event upgrades for larger, one-off events.

  • Basic - Free

  • Community - $9/month

Check out this page to learn more about our pricing & plans: Topia Pricing

🎉 Celebrate! Bring People Together in Topia

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