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How do I change or remove the credit card on file?
How do I change or remove the credit card on file?
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You can update your credit card from the billing section of your dashboard, just click "Link New Card" and fill out the requested information.

Once you've added the card, select the red box ("Select Method") in the Active Combines section. Select the new card and click "Change Payment Method". Once you've successfully linked your new card to your active Trading Combine, you will see a screen that says "Payment method has been successfully changed." You're all set!

You can remove a credit card directly from the "My Profile" section of your dashboard. Just click "Billing," click on the card you'd like to remove → Edit → Remove Card → Continue. The card should now disappear from your dashboard. Please keep in mind that you will need to have a credit card on file for any future active Trading Combine® accounts.

How do I change the expiration date on my credit card?

If you currently only have one credit card on file you will need to add another credit card as a place hold. Switch your current payment method to the place holder card and then delete the card that is expired. You may add the new credit card with the updated expiration and then switch to the desired card.

If you have multiple cards on file then switch to another card, add the new card with the updated expiration date and then switch back to the desired card.

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