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As of January 29, 2024, we updated our Practice Accounts to simplify this feature of your Topstep subscription. This change will apply to all Topstep accounts whether it’s a Trading Combine, Express Funded Account, or Live Funded Account. From now on, you will be issued one 150K Practice Account per data feed.

New Practice Account Details:

  • All Practice accounts will be 150K, regardless of your active Trading Combine or Express Funded Account size.

  • The Maximum Position size for all Practice Accounts will be 15 lots.

  • One (1) Practice Account will be issued per data feed. For example, if you have a Tradovate account and a Quantower account, you can have two Practice Accounts since they are on different data feeds. Learn more about your platform's data feed here.

  • Practice Accounts will be labeled “PRACTICE” in the drop-down on your Dashboard and platform.

  • Practice Accounts are not available on the T4 platform.

The Practice Account allows you to have access to a second trading account that allows you to test strategies, products, etc., without affecting your primary account. If you hit or exceed your Maximum Loss Limit in a Practice Account, it can be reset at any time for no additional fee.

How do I activate my new Practice Account?

Follow the quick steps below to activate your Practice Account.

  1. Click on the Practice Account slider in your Dashboard.

  2. Click “Activate Practice Account”.

  3. After clicking "Activate Practice Account", you'll be directed to your new Practice Account Dashboard. The background of your Practice Account Dashboard will be blue, while your Trading Combine or Funded Accounts will be black. You can use the slider in your Dashboard to view your Practice Accounts.

  4. To go back to your Trading Combine or Express Funded Account view, click "Trading Combine" in the slider at the top right of your screen. You will see a prompt confirming that you're switching to an 'Evaluation Account' view; the evaluation account simply refers to your primary account, meaning your Trading Combine or Express Funded Account.

How do I access the Practice Account on my Trading Platform?

The Dashboard view does not change which account is displayed when you open your platform to trade. Once you open your trading platform you'll be able to select between your primary account, whether it's a Trading Combine or Funded Account, and your Practice Account. You can see more details on how this works for our recommended trading platforms in this article: How do I switch between my accounts?

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