Rithmic Trade Copier
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**Each trader is allowed to have only one Topstep profile/username. You are allowed to have multiple active Trading Combine accounts associated with your profile.

The Trade Copier in R|Trader Pro is a tool that allows traders to copy trades from one account to another. This can be useful for traders who manage multiple accounts with a successful trading strategy.

To set up the Trade Copier in R|Trader Pro, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the R|Trader Pro platform with your Topstep account credentials.

2. In the top right corner click "Trade" and "Place Order".

3. A new window should pop up titled Place Order. Click on the "Show more options" button.

4. Locate "Account Templates" and put a check in that box. This will display the option to configure a template.

5. Click on the "Config" button and this window should pop up.

6. Enter a template name in the blank space at the top.

7. All accounts should be displayed for your username. Under the Qty Ratio, enter the number of contracts you would like executed on each account per trade.

8. If both account colors are green, you may proceed by clicking "Save".

9. The template has been successfully saved when the account colors turn red. You may close this window.

10. Select the template from the drop-down menu and uncheck "Close when done". This will allow the window to reopen after placing a trade.

11. Enter the symbol and order type. Once the information has been entered, click "Place Order" to execute a trade on multiple accounts.

12. Orders can be monitored in the Recent Orders window for all accounts.

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