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How do I switch between my accounts?
How do I switch between my accounts?
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If you cannot see your account name on your platform click here first.

You can view the current account name on the top-center corner of the Tradovate platform. To switch to another open Tradovate account within the platform, click on the account name in the top-center corner of the platform.


After clicking on the account name, the drop-down menu will appear showing the available accounts to switch to and from. After selecting the account you would like to trade in, it will appear in the top-center corner confirming that you are trading in this account.


If you are using the Tradovate desktop download version as shown below, you have the option to open modules and move them on your screen(s). If you have multiple monitors this can be useful for setting up your layout. Each module opened will allow you to view and change the account you are trading in.


Note: Your Practice account will start with “PRACTST” as the account name to clarify the difference between your Trading Combine account and your Practice account. Switching an account on one module will not change the account on the other module. It is important to know which account you are trading in at all times to avoid trading in an incorrect account than intended.

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